noisy house

I actually wanted to write about my biology exam and  that i am relieved to put the first out of 10 behind me, but i am distracted by the people who live next door. They are having a huge fight and although I should probably feel bad for them, I am just annoyed. I am so annoyed to have to live in this building where all the appartments have at least 5 people living inthere. It is either the guy who lives above me who starts hammering nails into the wall at 11.00 pm or it is the neighbour next door who starts playing his stupid hip hop crap at 10.00 pm...i can just wait for it-everynight there is some noise that keeps me from falling asleep at a time that would be good for me. You would think that most people are loud until 10 pm , nope not in this house full of college students- thats when it starts.

If  it aren't the neighbours then my own roomies make it hard for me to study in the afternoon, because they decide to play the flute while i am trying to hammer 100 medical latin terms into my head...but i can live with that because the library is an option, it is not as nice as studying at home but more effective in that case. My roomies are nice though, we are 5  girls by the way. I especially like M. she lives right next to me and allways has a smile and an ear for you, she tends to play music too loud as well but she is an art student and needs her inspiration i guess, so as long as it isn't after 10 pm when i am trying to sleep i am not saying a thing.


7.11.13 20:58

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